Newport, Rhode Island : The Breakers Mansion

Lavished mansions sit by the seaside in all their grandeur giving us a little glimpse into the domestic lives of the wealthy men and women of the “Gilded Age”.  If you have curiosity for a bit of a history lesson and being in another place in time then these mansions located in the charming town of Newport, RI could be the answer.  It was a quick road trip into the area so I did not have enough time to explore all ten of these “summer” homes.  You would need at least two days to leisurely stroll through them all.  So with the time limit I decided on the Breakers since it is supposed to be the grandest out of all, although I’m sure each will have its own special draw.  All of the mansions offered a self guided tour where you can listen to audio tracks as you reach specific points in different rooms.  This was perfect for going at my own pace while I ogled all the intricate architecture and ornate interior designs and tried to imagine what it was like to live like this.  Could not even begin to imagine it.  Nope.  Not at all.

Coming from the NYC area it was about a 4+ hours drive.  It’s a little bit of a drive but can be a nice road trip with your best companions.  You can find lodgings in the town of Newport, which is another charm all in itself.  Each mansion offers its own parking space.   And if you have some time or prefer not to go for any of the tours, you can just go for a nice bike ride along the seaside to take in the ocean views as the salty air blows through your hair.

For more information about the mansions you can visit the Newport Preservation Society’s website(link listed below).  Not all the homes are opened year round so be sure to check on the operating hours before planning your trip.

Happy wandering!
Lan xx

Camera used : Canon S95   Date visited : April 2009.

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Website: Newport Preservation Society

Lodging Listings: TripAdvisor

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