Alsace, France : Colmar & Eguisheim

Charming villages that make you feel like you’ve just stepped straight into Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and compelled to belt out the chorus of Belle.  As that is one of my all time favorite Disney movies, it’s no wonder that these were the first thoughts that came into my mind while I explored this Northeastern region of France.  Subsequently, I just found out that the cityscape of Colmar was the setting inspiration for one of my other favorite movies, Howl’s Moving Castle.  Ah the little things that give me joy.

This was actually a serendipitous visit because I actually had no idea about this place before setting foot in this region.  It was during a jam packed trip to Switzerland that had me detouring here for a couple of days to visit a friend who lived in Colmar, France.  So with little knowledge of anything, I let my friend take the lead in showing me her home town and the special sights worth exploring.

Within the city of Colmar is “old-town Colmar”, which is where most of the photos took place below.  Its secular and religious architectural sights are a combination of eight centuries of German and French designs.  The canals of the river Lauch weaves through the area that is reminiscent of Venice, Italy.

If you are interested in seeing even more charming architecture then wander a little bit farther out to a small village called Eguisheim (sounds like “eggy-shy-em”).  It is around 15 minutes away by taxi.  This is the birthplace of wine growing in the Alsace region, was fortified in 1257, and has roughly 1,850 dwellers.  Its characteristics of narrow streets paved with stones, lined in picturesque homes with colorful draping of window florals, will make for a delightful stroll.  Although with the confining walkway, I’m not sure how the local inhabitants feel about having random strangers gawking outside their homes everyday.  Well let us just hope that they don’t really mind, yeah?

Stay tuned after the photo jump for more information and links on how to visit these lovely places! 🙂

Happy wandering!
Lan xx

Camera used : Canon S95   Date visited: May 2011

Train station of Colmar
Best Western’s Grand Hotel Bristol

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Entering the village of Eguisheim
Entering the village of Eguisheim

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Where I stayed:  It was relatively inexpensive and very near to the Colmar train station.  The hotel was clean and had a pleasant staff.  TripAdvisor’s Reviews  :  Best Western Grand Hotel Bristol

Other accommodations:   TripAdvisor’s Listings

Website for information about:  Eguisheim

Eurorail Pass – I always feel like this website is a must every time I plan my trips in Europe.  It is my go to for pre-purchasing train tickets so that you can have just a little bit more time to relax once you’re there and are not worried about fumbling around by the tickets stations.  It is also useful in finding out train schedules so that you can plan your days appropriately.  For more information, visit here : Eurorail

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