Paris by Night, France

In light of recent events, this is a simple Paris appreciation post dedicated to the romantic and elegant atmosphere of this enigmatic city of France.  I only had a short visit here with not many chances to explore, but the time and parts that I did get to see, were magnificent.

Strolling along the banks of the Seine, I could see the lights of the iconic Eiffel Tower from every distance as it dances in twinkles each stroke of an hour.  Grand historic landmark structures of the day become mysterious and haunting in the night.  And while strolling through archways approaching the Louvre, I was treated to classical violins by street musicians that was like a soundtrack to my very own movie.

If ever you get the chance, find a companion and go for your own Parisian twilight stroll.  I highly recommend it.

Happy wandering!
xx Lan

Camera used: Canon S95       Date taken: January 201220120125-Paris-Trip-02920120125-Paris-Trip-07620120125-Paris-Trip-06420120125-Paris-Trip-07320120125-Paris-Trip-07520120125-Paris-Trip-06620120125-Paris-Trip-07020120125-Paris-Trip-08220120125-Paris-Trip-059

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