Tammany Trail, Delaware

This is going to be the first of a series that I am planning to post.  If you are a fan of being in the natural outdoors and love hiking, then come along as I take us through the sights.  Over the next few weeks I will be bringing to you photo diaries of the various hiking trails that I went on.  A majority of them taking place in the stunningly beautiful jungle of Kauai, HI.  So be on the lookout for those.

Now, without further ado, let’s take that hike!

You begin at the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center, which will provides lovely views such as this and additional parking spaces because the one at the start of the trail is tiny and always full.  Here you can also pick up trail maps and ask any questions you might have.

visitorcenterThen you will proceed to take a small walk through the underpass across the highway back to Tammany Trail’s entrance.
As with any public hiking trails, you are informed as well as cautioned by a sign with its name and any possible dangers.  Fortunately I did not encounter any of the mentioned crawlers.
PA260292The beginning started off with quite a bit of an upward climb.  If you are in moderately healthy condition then it shouldn’t be a problem, but it is a work out.
PA260303Finally, you will reach one of the first viewpoints.  This is a little teaser of what walk further up the ascend will reveal.
PA260294 PA260293After a few minutes you will finally arrive at the main viewpoint, where you are free to snap as many photos as your social media calls for 😉  There are spacious rock boulders where you can park yourself for a little snacking if you need to refuel.  At this point I realized that there was an alternate route that also led here, evidenced by where these people started to appear.  Who else is nervous like I was seeing the baby dangling down there?  This would not be my first time seeing people with babies on rocky uphill trails and it still make me cringe every time.
PA260330PA260335Here is a photo of some ferns.  This is how you can tell how much of a city girl I am if things like this fascinate me enough to elicit a capture.
PA260332 PA260349The view, needless to say, is always better in person.
delaware-water-gap-(36-of-65)-PanoAfterwards you will move on up a little higher, following the blue trail marker… some of which have been amusingly drawn on.
PA260354PA260357Beyond this point is when the trail starts to slowly descend and you will come upon these red-leaf shrubberies that cover the majority of the surrounding area.
PA260369This is one of those scenes that make me love autumn woods so much I want to squeal, find a space for my lawn chair, and sit in it forever amongst the trees.
PA260391 PA260389And if you did not yet know, autumn hiking is one of those extremely romantic date activities that I highly recommend.  Imagine feeling like you are the only two under a forest full of reds and golds, a cool crisp chill in the air, and the only sound is faint fluttering of leaves falling around you.
Unfortunately, this couple couldn’t get much alone time since I was trailing so close behind, oops.
PA260393But I finally lost them because I also like to enjoy my alone time in the woods.
PA260395After some time you will arrive upon where the stream and falls appear.  And as expected, this is always the point of any trail where you will bump into the most people, despite barely having seen anyone else on the way there.  I have excluded most of them from my photos, except for this daredevil, but trust me the people were there.
PA260396And they all were snapping the same kind of pictures…
PA260402…like this one.
PA260420After you will have spent an endless amount of time trying to capture the perfect falling water shot, you will slowly move on, getting closer to rounding out the trail and heading back to the entrance.
PA260432 PA260435But not before you take in a final view of some show-offs, like these bright yellow ones standing out unabashedly amongst the gray and barren.
PA2604440 PA260439
And thus concludes the 3.5 miles hike through the beautiful autumn woods of New Jersey-Delaware Water Gap.  If you are interested in actually taking this hike, I’ve included a couple of links below where you can find more practical information about the trail.  If not, I, at least, hope you have enjoyed going on it through these photos.

Until our next hike…

Happy wandering!

xx Lan

Camera used: Olympus OMD-EM5 + 45mm lens,  Canon S95                   Date taken:  October 2014


Delaware Water Gap.ORG

Alltrails Tammany page: alltrails.com

This blog has really concise information about the trail as far as difficulty, markers change, and maps downloads.  All of which are very useful to know beforehand.  Website link: njHiking

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