Waterloo Village, New Jersey

There is just something mystifying about the woods during Fall that always make me want to seek out time away from the city to go exploring. That was what led to the discovery of this old abandoned town known as Waterloo Village.  A small historical site that still stands quietly amidst the ever changing landscapes surrounding it. Taking a stroll through this almost forgotten canal town transports one back to a small period in time when life was just a little simpler somehow.  And there is no better time than the Fall season when brilliant reds and oranges seem to contrast even more against the worn down and broken old buildings.

There is also something melancholic about seeing really old abandoned homes.  It’s almost impossible not to mentally conjure up ghostly images of lives living as they were within those walls, and the autumn chill served to enhance that feeling even more as it blanket quiet stillness over the entire grounds.

Opened during the early 1800s in Byram Township, Sussex County in northwestern, NJ — Waterloo served as a center for canal operations, transporting goods using its water routes.  It possessed all the accommodations necessary to service the needs of a canal operation, including an inn, a general store, a church, a blacksmith shop, and a water mill.  However, the town suffered a decline once railroad operations became prominent as the more efficient mode to transport goods.

Having known a little about the history of how this site became what it is today really enhances one’s experience as you wander through the sites.  It is opened for daily visitations to the general public with free parking and zero entrance fee. A new construction called “Bride’s Cottage” is currently in progress to serve for Rustic styled weddings and events.  For more information follow after the photo jump for related links.

Happy wandering!

Camera used: Olympus OM-D EM5, 45mm lens


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Overnight accommodation recommendation:
Whistling Swan B&B (Review post to come)

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