Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Garden, New York City

The holidays may be over, but you can still hang on to those festive feelings with a trip to the New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show.  Each year the creators assemble together a month and a half long extravagant feast for the eyes that appeals to all ages from the young to old.  Intricately … Continue reading Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Garden, New York City

Waterloo Village, New Jersey

There is just something mystifying about the woods during Fall that always make me want to seek out time away from the city to go exploring. That was what led to the discovery of this old abandoned town known as Waterloo Village.  A small historical site that still stands quietly amidst the ever changing landscapes … Continue reading Waterloo Village, New Jersey

Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail, Kauai

Truly a hiker's oasis, Kauai seems to be filled with so many beautiful trails that if you were to try and venture on one a day every day, for a month, you would still not have tackled them all.  The best part is no one trail is the same as the other so every hike … Continue reading Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail, Kauai

The Golden Circle, Iceland

One of the most magical experiences you can have in Iceland would have to be going on a road trip along Route 1 or the Ring Road.   During the warmer months when weather conditions allow, you are able to circle the entire island.  And it's guaranteed that the journey will be filled with picturesque … Continue reading The Golden Circle, Iceland

Tammany Trail, Delaware

This is going to be the first of a series that I am planning to post.  If you are a fan of being in the natural outdoors and love hiking, then come along as I take us through the sights.  Over the next few weeks I will be bringing to you photo diaries of the various hiking … Continue reading Tammany Trail, Delaware

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

It always pays to make friends with the locals whenever you are visiting foreign places.  That was exactly how my visit to the Blue Lagoon was made a touch more delightful. This outdoor, manmade lagoon is one of the most visited attractions within Iceland.  So much so that you don't even need to make a … Continue reading The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Brooklyn, New York : Sakura Matsuri 2015

If you happen to find yourself a little lost on the subway as to where to get off so that you don't miss your stop going to Brooklyn's Botanical Garden, have no fear.  Just simply follow Sailor Moon and her geisha friend, they will show you the way.  At least that was what I had to do and … Continue reading Brooklyn, New York : Sakura Matsuri 2015

Bronx, New York : Orchid Show 2011 – On Broadway

And we are back to the garden for another edition of the Orchid Show!  Putting up these posts really make me regret that I had forgotten about them and stopped going for the last few seasons.  Nonetheless, it has motivated me to try and make it to the one next Spring. This season the theme focused on … Continue reading Bronx, New York : Orchid Show 2011 – On Broadway

Bronx, New York : Orchid Show 2010 – Cuba in Flower

Every Spring, the New York Botanical Garden puts together a gorgeous display of orchid varieties that is most definitely a feast for the flower lover's eyes. Every species of orchids imaginable are on display and is a sight to behold.  My very first event was in 2010 when I ignored the seasonal allergies and braved a … Continue reading Bronx, New York : Orchid Show 2010 – Cuba in Flower