Alsace, France : Colmar & Eguisheim

Charming villages that make you feel like you’ve just stepped straight into Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and compelled to belt out the chorus of Belle.  As that is one of my all time favorite… Continue reading

Carmel, New York : Chuang Yen Monastery

An absolute sense of calmness and serenity envelope your body the minute you set yourself onto its ground.  There is a quietness to its surrounding that makes it seems sacred but still inviting.… Continue reading

Boston, Massachusetts : City Highlights

No matter where you walk, every corner is a whole different experience from the last.  That is the beauty of Boston. It took about 4 hours on a bus ride from Grand Central Station up… Continue reading

Manhattan, New York : A Stroll on the High Line

If a sense of stepping into some kind of post apocalyptic dystopian setting, where an abandoned train track is overgrown in vegetation and foliage, while tucked between futuristic architectures is what you are… Continue reading

Brooklyn, New York : Sakura Matsuri 2015

If you happen to find yourself a little lost on the subway as to where to get off so that you don’t miss your stop going to Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden, have no fear.  Just simply… Continue reading

Bronx, New York : Orchid Show 2011 – On Broadway

And we are back to the garden for another edition of the Orchid Show!  Putting up these posts really make me regret that I had forgotten about them and stopped going for the… Continue reading

Bronx, New York : Orchid Show 2010 – Cuba in Flower

Every Spring, the New York Botanical Garden puts together a gorgeous display of orchid varieties that is most definitely a feast for the flower lover’s eyes. Every species of orchids imaginable are on… Continue reading

Newport, Rhode Island : The Breakers Mansion

Lavished mansions sit by the seaside in all their grandeur giving us a little glimpse into the domestic lives of the wealthy men and women of the “Gilded Age”.  If you have curiosity for a bit… Continue reading

Come Along With Me

Welcome to my little corner of the world!  Please settle in, grab a drink of choice and get comfortable as we explore all that is out there.  Whether it is some place far in the distant… Continue reading

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